How-to Article Winners


Signs of the Times (Gold)

Exposing Your Value One Image at a Time

Gabe Griffin

Computerworld (Silver)

The 10 best new Microsoft Teams meeting features

Howard Wen, contributing writer; Valerie Potter, Managing Editor, Features

Focal Point (Bronze)

How CISOs Can Talk Cyber Risk So That CEOs Actually Listen Joseph V. Amodio Excellent attention to the audience members, their needs, their challenges, their knowledge level. The writing is instructional without being dry. The author of “How CISOs Can Talk Cyber Risk So That CEOs Actually Listen” finds the perfect tone. VIEW ARTICLE


Trade Show Executive Magazine (Gold)

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion More Important Than Ever – Here are Eight Ways to Create An Inclusive TEam

Andrea Doyle, Gabrielle Weiss

HR Magazine (Silver)

Out of the Shadows

Theresa Agovino

INSTORE (Bronze)

Building the Perfect Website

Eileen McClelland


HR Magazine (Gold)

How Should HR Handle Political Discussions at Work?

Susan Milligan

Pharmacy Practice News (Silver)

Drug Shortages Are Inevitable, So Be Prepared

Karen Blum, David Bronstein, Frank Tagarello

E&T (Bronze)

Lockdown Challenge

Tim Fryer, Crispin Andrews and Neil Downie



The Seven Deadly Sins of Booth Staffers

Lee Knight, Travis Stanton, Kelly Tedrick, Brian Dukerschein, Ben Barclay

E&T (Silver)

DIY Science Down on the Farm

Ben Heubl

TechRepublic (Bronze)

Why you should never allow your web browser to save your passwords

Jack Wallen


Education Canada (Gold Winner)

Truth & Reconciliation in Your Classroom

Dr. Kate Freeman, Shawn McDonald, Dr. Lindsay Morcom

EXHIBITOR (Silver Winner)

30 Tips to Court the Press

Lee Knight, Travis Stanton, Kelly Tedrick, Brian Dukerschein, Linda Armstrong

BizEd (Bronze Winner)

Improv at the B-School — September/October 2018

BizEd staff


Foodservice Equipment Reports (Gold)

Proximity Hood Primer

Beth Lorenzini, Allison Rezendes, Rita Negrete-Rousseau

MOTOR Magazine (Silver)

Diagnosing Variable Displacement Compressors

Tom Tillman

INSTORE (Bronze)

How to Be a PR Powerhouse (February 2017 Issue)

Eileen McClelland


Champion magazine (Gold)

Training Days

Brian Burnsed


How to Measure the Value of Trade Show Marketing

Lee Knight, Travis Stanton, Heidi Howe, Linda Armstrong, Ed Jones

INSTORE Magazine (Bronze)

Build a Better Salesperson

Eileen McClelland