Front Cover, Illustration Winners


E&T (Gold)


Mr John Rooney

Inside Salk Winter 2022 (Silver)

Human Connection

Salk Institute for Biological Studies Communications Office

Journal of Commerce (Bronze)

Annual Review & Outlook: A supply chain still upside down

Sue Abt, Mark Szakonyi, Benjamin Meyer, Kate Binder


DE – Dental Economics (Gold)

The New Patient Journey Cover

Kermit Mulkins

Yale Alumni Magazine (Silver)

“The wild world of cartoonist Steven Johnson,” Jan/Feb 2021

Jeanine Dunn, Steven Johnson

The Journal of Commerce (Bronze)

Early Birds, Feb. 1

Sue Abt, Mark Szakonyi, Benjamin Meyer, Kate Binder


Surface Coatings International (Gold)

Christmas 2020 Issue

Brenda Peters, Richard Kennedy, Ann-Marie Etherington, OCCA Publications Team, The Printplus Group

Yale Alumni Magazine (Silver)

Sept/Oct 2020 cover

Elisha Cooper

Electrical Contractor (Bronze)

June 2020 cover


Retail Environments (Gold)

January February 2019 issue

Kat Anderson, Jo Rossman

Fresh Cup Magazine (Silver)

March 2019 Issue – The Inclusivity Issue

Cynthia Meadors

Inside Dental Technology (Bronze)

October 2019 Issue

Jennifer Barlow, Craig Bowman


Fleet Maintenance (Gold Winner)

June 2018 issue

Erin Brown

CIM Magazine (Silver Winner)

Exploration Risk, Dec 18/Jan 19

Romain Lasser, Tom DiNardo, Dawn Fraser, Ryan Bergen

National Real Estate Investor (Bronze Winner)

May 2018 cover

David Bodamer, Elaine Misonzhnik, Kathy McGilvery, Benedetto Cristofani


Pensions & Investments (Gold)

Largest Money Managers, 2017

Gregg A. Runburg, Tom White/9 Surf Studios

Directors & Boards (Silver)

Third Quarter 2017

Monica McLaughlin, Eve Tahmincioglu, April Hall


ACAMS Today (Gold)

March-May 2016

Karla Monterrosa-Yancey, Jason Robinson

EDUCAUSE Review (Silver)

January/February 2016 issue

D. Teddy Diggs

NZGrower (Bronze)

Growers have a hammer – wasp to the rescue against psyllid

Hope Walker