Department Winners


E&T (Gold)

Reviews Department

Dominic Lenton, Dickon Ross, Caramel Quin, Paul Dempsey, Nick Smith

Trade Show Executive (Silver)

TSE Dashboard

Richard Simon, Chairman; Gabrielle Weiss, VP & Editor-in-Chief; Carri Jensen, Director of Research; Carson Stoolmiller, Assistant Editor, Research; Cindy McDermott, News Editor

CIM Magazine (Bronze)

Project Profile Department

Herb Mathisen, Carolyn Gruske, Ryan Bergen


School Administrator magazine (Gold)

Ethical Educator (February 2021 and September 2021)

Jay P. Goldman

E&T (Silver)


Dominic Lenton, Caramel Quin, Paul Dempsey, Nick Smith

Transport Engineer (Bronze)

Apprenticeships: working for the future

Will Dalrymple


School Administrator magazine (Gold)

Ethical Educator columns (September and November 2020)

Jay P. Goldman

E&T (Silver)

E&T Magazine Reviews Department

Dominic Lenton, Caramel Quin, Paul Dempsey, Nick Smith

Professionally Speaking (Bronze)

Tech Class

Kristin Doucet, Stefan Dubowski, Bill Powell, Richard Lewko


Civil Engineering (Gold)

History Lesson, April and June issues

T.R. Witcher

Professionally Speaking (Silver)

Great Teaching

Melissa Campeau, Senior Editor; Kristin Doucet, Managing Editor; Bill Powell, Editor-In-Chief; Richard Lewko, Publisher

E&T (Bronze)

E&T magazine reviews section

Dominic Lenton, Nick Smith, Paul Dempsey, Caramel Quin


Professionally Speaking (Gold Winner)

Great Teaching

Stuart Foxman, Ontario College of Teachers…

The O&P EDGE (Silver Winner)

June 18 and July 18 Departments
Tonja Randolph, Andrea Spridgen…

Champion (Bronze Winner)

Brian Hendrickson, Amy Wimmer Schwarb…


Civil Engineering (Gold)

History Lesson

T.R. Witcher

PETS+ (Silver)

Real Deal May-June and July-Aug 2017

Ralf Kircher, Pamela Mitchell

Scotsman Guide (Bronze)

Spotlight Will McDermott and Bill Conroy Judging comments: “Like the multiple entry points/block style layout versus just straight text. Good imagery and reporting.” VIEW ARTICLE


E&T (Gold)

Reviews Department June 2016 and November 2016

Dominic Lenton, Caramel Quin, Paul Dempsey, Nick Smith, Bryan Betts

SC Magazine (Silver)

Products Section

Peter Stephenson, Judy Traub, Illena Armstrong, Greg Masters, Michael Strong

Professionally Speaking (Bronze)

Great Teaching

Trish Snyder, Writer; Leata Lekushoff, Senior Editor; William Powell, Editor-in-Chief; Richard Lewko, Publisher