Covid-19 Coverage


ACAMS Today (Gold)

Covid-19 and the sexual exploitation of children online 

Karla Monterrosa-Yancey, Jonathan Dupont, Monica Mendez

Spectrum (Silver)

Pandemic pressures may drive young scientists away from autism research

Grace Huckins, Kristin Ozelli, Nicholette Zeliadt, Ivan Oransky

NZ Plumber (Bronze)

The Delta Difference

Greg Wallace, Beverly Sellers, Julian Pettitt, Stephanie Holmes


PS Magazine (Gold)

The Month Everything Changed

Darin Painter, Alexa Schlosser, Kristin Frankiewicz, Phillip Montwill

Trade Show Executive (Silver)

The Time is Now

Gabrielle Weiss, Richard Simon, Andrea Doyle, Janet Crouch

Infectious Disease Special Edition (Bronze)

Great Debates, Sweden and Herd Immunity; Children, the Latest Victims of COVID-19; COVID-19 Vaccines: Welcome Additions to the Armamentarium

Marie Rosenthal, Matthew White, Kristin Jannacone, Betty Zhong, Sarah Tilyou