Best Single Issue Winners


Big Picture (Gold)

May 2022 Issue

Adrienne Palmer, Matt Danford, Danielle Sy

License Global (Silver)

May 2022 Issue

License Global Team

PETS+ (Bronze)

November-December 2022 Issue

Pamela Mitchell, Chris Burslem, Victor Cantal


VMSD (Gold)

April 2021 Full Issue

Carly Hagedon, Jennifer Acevedo, Victor Cantal, Danielle Sy

Queen’s Alumni Review (Silver)

Fall 2021 Issue

Alex Beshara, Ruth Dunley, Wendy Treverton

The Foreign Service Journal (Bronze)

May 2021 Issue — Focus on Arctic Diplomacy

FSJ Staff


BioLab Business (Gold)

Winter 2019-20 issue

Popi Bowman, Katrina Teimo, Jana Manolakos, Mitchell Brown, Charlene Everest

Texas Architect Magazine (Silver)

March/April 2020

Aaron Seward, Monica Cavazos, Elizabeth Hackler, Sophie Aliece Hollis

Boxoffice Pro (Bronze)

Intermission: The Impact of Covid-19 on the Cinema Industry

Julien Marcel, Daniel Loria, Rebecca Pahle, Laura Silver, She Was Only, Susan Uhrlass


The Surveyor (Gold)

Issue 4 2019

Australian Baking Business (Silver)

Oct/Nov 2019 Issue


February 2019 Issue

Lee Knight, Randal Acker, Travis Stanton, Kelly Tedrick, Brian Dukerschein


1. New Zealand Doctor (Gold Winner)

15 August 2018 Issue

New Zealand Doctor editorial team

2. Dartmouth Alumni Magazine (Silver Winner)

January/February 2019 Issue

Sean Plottner, Wendy McMillan, George Spencer, Theresa D’Orsi, Sue Shock

3. Baking Business (Bronze Winner)

Oct/Nov 2018 Issue

The Magazine Publishing Company


Champion Magazine (Bronze Winner)

Summer 2017 issue

Champion magazine staff

E&T (Silver Winner)

July 2017 issue — Women in Engineering

Dickon Ross

Acumen Magazine (Gold Winner)

Issue 19, First Quarter

Sean Press, Donna Verrydt, Lesley Degossely


Leadership (Bronze)

August/September 2016

Simon Lewis, Monique Jacobs, Brent Meder, Rugshaana Abrahams, Refilwe Seatlhodi

Baking Business (Silver)

August 2016

Baking Business Staff

INVISION Magazine (Gold)

May 2016 Issue

Deirdre Carroll, Victor Alvarez, Mar Jefferson Go, Giancarlo Solamo