Technical Article Winners


E&T (Gold)

Keep it cool

Siobhan Doyle

Fleet Maintenance (Silver)

May 2020 feature, Lube it or Lose it

Tyler Fussner

Advanced Materials & Processes (Bronze)

Historic Monel–Part II: Testing and Analysis of Atmospheric Corrosion Products

James E. Churchill, Victoria Burt


E&T (Gold)

Is technology running away from the law?

Chris Edwards

MOTOR Magazine (Silver)

How Low Can You Go? Abnormal Brake Pedal Diagnosis

Roy Dennis Ripple

InfoSecurity Professional (Bronze)

What’s the Rush: Beyond the Blockchain Hype

Tuan Phan, Anne Saita


The O&P EDGE (Gold Winner)

Pattern Recognition

Tonja Randolph, Andrea Spridgen, Karyn Sader, Miki Fairley

Champion (Silver Winner)

Game On

Brian Hendrickson

InfoSecurity Professional (Bronze Winner)

Targeting the Biggest Phish

Deborah Johnson, Anne Saita


Foodservice Equipment Reports (Gold)

Beer Fizz-ics

Beth Lorenzini, Allison Rezendes, Michael Sherer

HR Magazine (Silver)

Reality Reboot

Natalie Kroc

FLEXO Magazine (Bronze)

Parting Is Such Simple Sorrow

Mark Samworth


InfoSecurity Professional (Gold)

Birth of an Exploit

Manu Carus, Anne Saita, Deborah Johnson, Amanda D’Alessandro

MOTOR Magazine (Silver)

Who Will “Own” the Dashboard?

Bill Howard

FLEXO Magazine (Bronze)

Printing in Color

Liam O’Hara, Bobby Congdon, Brad Gasque