About Us

Fostering b2b journalism, from local to global.

The Trade, Association, Business Publications International (TABPI) motto, “fostering b2b journalism, from local to global,” reflects our organization’s unique role in uniting editors and designers working for English-language publications around the globe — in print and online — and promoting a common dedication to editorial excellence.

The b2b publishing space, comprised of trade, association, and regional business brands, is a resilient one. There is an untold number of successful publications worldwide dedicated to serving every industry or niche imaginable. TABPI, through its annual Tabbie Awards program, celebrates journalism professionals worldwide who cover their industries with passion, skill, and creativity.

The Tabbie Awards stands out from other similar programs in its distinctive global reach, with local, regional, national, and international publications in all countries encouraged to participate. For more than 20 years, the program has demonstrated that journalism excellence is alive and thriving in our many spaces. The core mission of the Tabbie Awards is to recognize — to honor — journalism professionals who help drive excellence through their impressive ethics and talent.

Additionally, TABPI has developed various programs over the years, including our popular Magazine Critique Service, scheduled to return in the latter half of 2024. Our organization also provides valuable and timely input on topics of interest through our website’s FAQ page.

TABPI also actively encourages the next generation of b2b publication professionals to engage in the profession through the Young Leaders Scholarship Program that we co-sponsor with the ASBPE in the United States. Not least, the TABPI website houses a library of winning entries from past seasons of the Tabbies. It serves to inspire prospective entrants while providing an informative study of how we as editors, art directors, and publishers have been approaching b2b journalism as it evolves in exciting and impactful ways across the world.

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