About Us

TABPI endeavors to bring together editors working for English-language publications worldwide in print and online and encourage a common dedication to editorial ethics and excellence.

The first phases of the organization’s objective has been accomplished by the creation of a comprehensive editorial and design competition. This competition, The Tabbies, recognizes excellence in trade, association and business publications. Additionally, it exposes editors to similar b2b magazines and their local practices across the globe. Associations in different countries and regions are invited to participate as official partners.

Different programs have been developed over the years, including the popular annual Magazine Critique Service and the Marketing Tabbies, aimed at the marketing professionals who work for b2b publications.

TABPI also actively supports keeping younger editors excited about the b2b publishing world, especially through our popular Young Leaders Scholarship program. And our editorial and design challenges have resulted in some fascinating looks at how we as editors and art directors approach some common day-to-day challenges.

Future goals include further partnering with additional editorial associations around the world and working toward bringing various local groups together, allowing them to share current resources to each other’s benefit. Other activities include assistance with developing local associations for editors in countries or regions that do not have currently active groups.