2023 Feature Article: Top 25 Issues


Pivot (Gold)

Next in Line feature

John Lorinc, Paul Ferriss

Police Journal (Silver)

The Other Pandemic — February 2022

Brett Williams

Wealth Management (Bronze)

What the Rise of NFTs Means for Advisors

Diana Britton, James Steinberg

Honorable Mentions

Focal Point (4)

Inside the Mind of the Elusive Teenage Hacker

Dan Tynan

Club Director (5)

The New Model at the Old Barnwell Club

Kim Fernandez, CAE

HR Magazine (6)

The 1st Rule of Love

Susan Milligan

Global Cannabis Times (7)

Cannabis Investor’s Guide

Damon Poeter

Journal of Commerce (8)

Can’t quit China

William B. Cassidy, Mark Szakonyi, Benjamin Meyer, Sue Abt, Kate Binder

Human Connection (9)

Human Connection

Communications Office

Queen’s Alumni Review (10)

Band of Brothers

Blair Crawford

Optometry Today (11)

June/July 2022 Issue

Selina Powell

Infectious Disease Special Edition (12)

The Avian Flu Outbreak That Just Won’t Die Out

Marie Rosenthal, Landon Gray, Matthew White, Elizabeth Zhong, Kristin Jannaconea

Datacenter Dynamics (13)

The Last Data Center

Sebastian Moss

HRO Today (14)

Evening the Paying Field

Zee Johnson, Debbie Bolla


Seventh Generation

Stephen Bridgewater

Trade Show Executive (16)

What’s Hot in Registration

Richard Simon, Chairman; Gabrielle Weiss, VP & Editor-in-Chief; Marlene Goldman, Executive Editor

Canadian Lawyer (17)

Plugging into the ‘right to disconnect’

Zena Olijnyk

Talent Management (18)

Gen Z and the Class of COVID-19: Retaining the next generation of workers

Calvin Coffee

AATCC Review (19)

Bringing Color Home

John Russel Jones

Insurance Business (20)

Florida and Louisiana in crisis – a tale of two states

Jen Frost

Elevator World (21)

Game Changer

Angela Baldwin

CSO (22)

Lessons learned from Nine’s ransomware nightmare

David Binning

Water Canada (23)

Northern Waters: Water treatment challenges across Canada’s territories

Andrew Snook

Specialty Pharmacy Continuum (24)

Payors Pushing Back on Digital Therapeutics

David Bronstein, Karen Blum, Blake Dennis, Elizabeth Zhong, Kristin Jannacone

The Pink Sheet (25)

Aduhelm: One Year Later

Sue Sutter