2019 Best Single Issue: Top 25 Issues


1. New Zealand Doctor (Gold Winner)

15 August 2018 Issue

New Zealand Doctor editorial team

2. Dartmouth Alumni Magazine (Silver Winner)

January/February 2019 Issue

Sean Plottner, Wendy McMillan, George Spencer, Theresa D’Orsi, Sue Shock

3. Baking Business (Bronze Winner)

Oct/Nov 2018 Issue

The Magazine Publishing Company

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4. Employment Today

June 2018 issue

Lyndsey Swan

5. The O&P EDGE

May 2018 Issue

Tonja Randolph, Andrea Spridgen, Karyn Sader

6. Infectious Disease Special Edition

The Curse of Valley Fever, Infectious Disease Special Edition

Marie Rosenthal, Matthew White, Kristin Jannacone, Betty Zhon

7. It is Innovation (i3)

September/October 2018 Issue

Cindy Stevens, Mark Chisholm, Jeremy Snow

8. Police Journal

June 2018 issue

Brett Williams, Sam Kleidon, Steve McCawley

9. Wood Design & Building

Fall 2018 – Number 80

Theresa Rogers, Etienne Lalonde, Sarah Hicks, Natalie Tarini, Ioana Lazea

10. PETS+

February 2018 issue

Ralf Kircher, Pamela Mitchell, Victor Marlu Cantal, Mar Jefferson Go, Chris Burslem

11. GPSolo

Veterans Law issue, January/February 2018 (35:1)

Robert Salkin, Tamara Kowalski, Alan E. DeWoskin, Jeffrey Allen

12. California Schools Magazine

Fall 2018 issue

Troy Flint, Kimberly Sellery, Serina Pruitt, Kerry Macklin, Hugh Biggar

13. Champion

Fall 2018

Champion staff

14. The Register

Fall 2018 Issue

Ontario Principals’ Council

15. Construction Executive

July/August 2018

Lauren Pinch, Joanna Masterson, Maggie Murphy

16. The Surveyor

Issue 1 2018

The Magazine Publishing Company

17. restaurant development + design

January/February Issue

Maureen Slocum, Rebecca Kilbreath, Joe Carbonara, Anne LoCascio, Eric Uhl


May/June 2018 (Changing How Higher Ed Does Business)

D. Teddy Diggs

19. Professionally Speaking

March 2018 Issue

Kristin Doucet, Studio 141, Editor-in-Chief Bill Powell, Publisher Richard Lewko

20. Human Resources Director

Hot List issue

Justin Kennedy


February 2018

Exhibitor Media Group


May 2018

Trace Shelton, Eileen McClelland, Mar Jefferson Go, Chris Burslem

23. E&T

The Borders Issue

Dickon Ross, John Rooney, Dominic Lenton, Tim Fryer, Vitali Vitaliev

24. HR Magazine

April 2018 issue

HR Magazine staff

25. ACC Docket

July/August 2018

ACC Docket editorial staff