2. Dartmouth Alumni Magazine (Silver Winner)

January/February 2019 Issue
Sean Plottner, Wendy McMillan, George Spencer, Theresa D’Orsi, Sue Shock


Judging comments:
“This anniversary issue of DAM leads with an elegant cover design that lures readers into exploring a whopping 172 pages of great content. While 51 of those pages are Class Notes, the rest impeccably tell the stories of Dartmouth’s past and future. It’s evident that staff dug hard to unearth letters and photos — the history — that are the backbone of the issue. For a sense of what tireless attention to each detail of the editorial and design process looks like, read this issue. From the cover to the themed content to the mix of original images, this entry is a celebratory tour de force.

“The entire publication is well done, and the issue theme is coherent and complex. The articles are targeted toward the theme, and the artwork completes the picture well.