3. Network World (Bronze Winner)

Network World Staff


 Judging comments:
Network World does a great job of covering many different aspects of the industry in diverse formats. Their in-depth video offerings, from 2-minute Linux Tips series to individual topic channels, are an impressive element and integrated nicely into the site’s design. The Insider (gated) content is called out clearly and the green really grabs your attention. On a given page, the ratio of Insider items to open content gives a sense of exclusivity and value that makes you want to click through. Some often-overlooked small features that Network World does well include differentiation of sponsored content, a search bar for resources, and top and bottom navigation bar design.

“Your go-to resource as a networking professional, with news, features, Q&As, profiles, video and resources to help these individuals achieve success in their difficult role. Content is tagged, enabled for social media sharing and comprehensive — all presented in a clean, engaging manner.