MEAT+POULTRY (Gold Winner)

The Sausage Report
Joel Crews, Kimberlie Clyma, Bob Sims, Erica Shaffer, Ryan McCarthy



Judging comments:

“This special section checks all the boxes: It’s engaging, well designed and fun to read. The combination of graphics conveying statistical information and real-world photography give the section a variety of things to look at and digest, and the writing holds interest. Well done.

“Wonderful job capturing this iconic segment of the industry through diverse vantage points. Each medium — the stories, photos, graphics — showcases the subject expertly. The layout is clean and uses minimal color and ample white space so that the eye is riveted on the subject: Sausages. The writers clearly know the language of the industry. Also, their stories are well-sourced and informative. At the end, readers are left thinking, ‘please give me more.’