2023 Diversity & Inclusion Journalism


Lab Manager (Gold)

DEI Features November 2022

Lab Manager Team

HR Magazine (Silver)

Out of Sight

Theresa Agovino

A CPA Diversity Report: Uncovering the Barriers to Success (Bronze)

2022 Insight Special Feature

Elizabeth Brown; Derrick Lilly; Kari Natale; Todd Shapiro; Jennifer Shultz, CPA

Honorable Mentions


African Equity

Caroline Hayes

Trade Show Executive

The LGBTQ Trade Show Community Shines in its DE&I Efforts

Richard Simon, Chairman; Gabrielle Weiss, VP & Editor-in-Chief; Marlene Goldman, Executive Editor


Diversity in IT: To hire Black tech pros, partnerships are key

Mark K. Pratt, contributing writer; Valerie Potter, Managing Editor, Features