2022 Feature Article: Top 25 Issues


Infectious Disease Special Edition (Gold)

40 Years of HIV: Getting the Signal Through the Noise

Marie Rosenthal, Matt White, Elizabeth Zhong

Solar Power World (Silver)

The U.S. solar industry has a Chinese problem

Kelly Pickerel


Mental health feature

Joel Crews

Honorable Mentions

Signs of the Times (4)

40 Awesome Things About Being a Sign Pro

Signs of the Times Staff

Datacenter Dynamics (5)

Underpaid and overworked: Behind the scenes with Google’s data center contractors

Sebastian Moss

The Journal of Commerce (6)

In the crosshairs, Aug 2.21

Peter Tirschwell, Mark Szakonyi, Benjamin Meyer, Sue Abt, Kate Binder

Rock to Road (7)

Fossil fuel: Aggregate indsutry unearthing Ice Age fossils

Andrew Snook

Yale Alumni Magazine (8)

Neither Here Nor There

Mark Alden Branch

HR Magazine (9)

A Sense of Belonging

Andrew Deichler

AATCC Review (10)

Designed by AI: The Impact of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning on Apparel.

Craig Crawford

Police Journal (11)

Finally, we meet

Brett Williams

EMS World (12)

So Far, So Safe: Denver’s Alternative Response Model Off to a Promising Start

John Erich, Senior Editor

Electrical Contractor magazine (13)

2021 Construction Outlook: Hold tight with an end in sight

Trade Show Executive (14)

Trade Show Industry Comeback Set in Stone

Andrea Doyle, Gabrielle Weiss

Training Industry (15)

Trends 2022: Enhancing the Efficiency of the Training Function

Ken Taylor and Michelle Eggleston Schwartz, CPTM

REALTOR® Magazine (16)

Repairers of the Breach

Alexia Smokler

NZ Plumber (17)

Foot on the Gas

Greg Wallace, Beverly Sellers, Julian Pettitt, Stephanie Holmes

Western Alumni Gazette (18)

Speaking Truth: Tracy Moore, Enid Lee and Chris George are elevating the conversation about race, equity and the quest for systemic change

Mari-Len De Guzman, Rob Potter, Marcia Steyaert, Trista Walker, Ashley Wiseman


October 2021 — Climbing to a Greener Summit

Tim Robinson

Queen’s Alumni Review (20)

The Ties That Bind

Blair Crawford

Bulk Transporter (21)

Acquisitional by nature: TFI grows Tank Group into $500M operation

Jason McDaniel

E&T (22)

What will be the Biden effect?

Paul Dempsey

CIM Magazine (23)

The two sides of the coal story

Kelsey Rolfe, Carolyn Gruske, Ryan Bergen, Dawn Fraser


Could You Be An Assassin?

Deirdre Carroll

CSO (25)

Diversity in security: How 3 organizations are making a difference—one relationship at a time

Amy Bennett