2021 Feature Article: Top 25 Issues


Police Journal (Gold)

Torn almost limb from limb

Brett Williams

EMS World (Silver)

When a Child Dies: The Parents’ Perspective

Peter Antevy, MD

CStore Decisions (Bronze)

C-Stores Respond to Nationwide Protests

Isabelle Gustafson

Honorable Mentions

Golf Course Industry (4)

Pete Dye: 1925-2020

Guy Cipriano

Wealth Management (5)

Teachers Are Getting Schooled on Retirement

Diana Britton, Boris Zaretsky

HR Magazine (6)

3 Companies Try a New Approach to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Honest Conversations

Theresa Agovino

The Register (7)

The Other First Responders

Protective Services Team, Peggy Sweeney, Laura Romanese

E&T (8)

How America’s oil drilling boom threatens the world

Ben Heubl

InfoSecurity Professional (9)

Evolution vs. Extinction: What Cybersecurity Professionals Could Learn from Nature to Build a More Resilient Career

Catherine Kozak


Signed Spitfire

Tim Robinson

Pharmacy Practice+Business (11)

My artificial pancreas

Jonathan Garfinkel, Vicki Wood

Professionally Speaking (12)

Supporting Student Success

Teddy Katz (writer), Kristin Doucet, managing editor, Bill Powell, editor in chief, Richard Lewko, publishisher

Infectious Disease Special Edition (13)

Pediatric Sepsis Guidelines: Timely and Appropriate Treatment Saves Lives

Marie Rosenthal, Matthew White, Kristin Jannacone, Betty Zhong

Concrete Contractor (14)

Mission: Carbon Zero

AC Business Media, Gigi Wood

NZ Plumber (15)

Something in the Water

Greg Wallace, Beverly Sellers, ICG

Mass Transit (16)

Mobility Redefined

Mischa Wanek-Libman

AATCC Review (17)

Is Durability Sustainable?

Belinda Carp

The Journal of Commerce (18)

“A box too far,” November 23, 2020

Bill Mongelluzzo, Mark Szakonyi, Benjamin Meyer, Sue Abt, Kate Binder

CIO Middle East (19)

How Israel’s COVID contact tracing app rollout went wildly astray

Josh Mitnick

Craft Brewing Business (20)

Sober up: The nascent Michigan hop industry won’t survive without your help

Keith Gribbins

Food Logistics (21)

Post-Pandemic Grocery Shopping

AC Business Media, Marina Mayer

Trade Show Executive (22)


Gabrielle Weiss, Richard Simon, Regina McGee, Janet Crouch

CIM Magazine (23)

Has sustainability reporting become unsustainable?

Kelsey Rolfe, Carolyn Gruske, Ryan Bergen, Dawn Fraser

Civil Engineering (24)

Smart Bridges, Evolved

Catherine A. Cardno, Ph.D.

Summit Journal (25)

A Real Estate Reckoning

Gunnar Branson, Benjamin van Loon