2021 COVID-19 Coverage: Top 25


PS Magazine (Gold)

The Month Everything Changed

Darin Painter, Alexa Schlosser, Kristin Frankiewicz, Phillip Montwill

Trade Show Executive (Silver)

The Time is Now

Gabrielle Weiss, Richard Simon, Andrea Doyle, Janet Crouch

Infectious Disease Special Edition (Bronze)

Great Debates, Sweden and Herd Immunity; Children, the Latest Victims of COVID-19; COVID-19 Vaccines: Welcome Additions to the Armamentarium

Marie Rosenthal, Matthew White, Kristin Jannacone, Betty Zhong, Sarah Tilyou

Honorable Mentions

NZ Plumber (4)

COVID-19 And The Plumbing Industry

Greg Wallace, Beverly Sellers, ICG, Alton Anamani

Police Journal (5)

Stopping COVID at the border

Brett Williams

CStore Decisions (6)

C-Stores Navigate Uncertain Economic Landscape

Erin Del Conte

E&T (7)

E&T’s Covid-19 coverage

Dickon Ross, John Rooney, Dominic Lenton, Tim Fryer, Becky Northfield

Boxoffice Pro (8)

The Impact of Covid-19 on the Movie Theater Industry

Julien Marcel, Daniel Loria, Rebecca Pahle, Laura Silver, She Was Only

Pizza Today (9)

COVID-19 Pizza Industry Special Report

Denise Greer

Veterinary Practice News (10)

COVID-19: Practicing veterinary medicine amidst a pandemic

Blair Adams, Samantha Ashenhurst, Alfi Ichwandito

The Foreign Service Journal (11)

July-August 2020 FSJ on Pandemic Diplomacy

The ACHR NEWS (12)

Onset of Winter Raises Concerns About Spread of Virus Indoors

Joanna Turpin

International Fiber Journal (13)

Issue 3 2020 Cover Series – “Responding to COVID-19 and the Road Ahead”

International Fiber Journal

Chemical & Engineering News (14)

COVID-19 collection

Chemical & Engineering News

McKinsey Global Publishing (15)

Charting the path to the next normal

McKinsey Global Publishing

Texas Architect Magazine (16)

Covid-19 Coverage

Aaron Seward, Monica Cavazos, Elizabeth Hackler, Sophie Aliece Hollis

TechRepublic (17)

11 ways to be a consummate professional during Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings

Teena Maddox

Staffing Industry Analysts (18)

Staffing Industry Analysts’ Covid-19 coverage

Subadhra Sriram, Craig Johnson, Sharon Thomas, Katherine Alvarez, Danny Romero

Surface Coatings International (19)

Issue 103.3 May-June 2020 The Covid Effect

Brenda Peters, Richard Kennedy, Ann-Marie Etherington, OCCA Publications Team, The Printplus Group

Compact Equipment (20)

Safety First

Keith Gribbins, Pam Kleineke

Marijuana Business Daily/Marijuana Business Magazine (21)

Pandemic Pivot

Omar Sacirbey, Bart Schaneman, John Schroyer, Jeff Smith, Matt Lamers

ASHRAE Journal Newsletter (22)

Guidance for Reopening Schools: July 28 Edition of ASHRAE Journal Newsletter

ASHRAE Journal Staff

CIO (23)

CIOs confront COVID-19’s evolving impact on business and IT

Jason Snyder, Clint Boulton, Marc Ferranti, Galen Gruman, Peter Sayer

Civil Engineering (24)

Accelerating through Adversity

Robert L. Reid

Pink Sheet (25)

Analyzing Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Approval Journey

The Pink Sheet Editorial Team