2021 Best Single Issue: Top 25 Issues


BioLab Business (Gold)

Winter 2019-20 issue

Popi Bowman, Katrina Teimo, Jana Manolakos, Mitchell Brown, Charlene Everest

Texas Architect Magazine (Silver)

March/April 2020

Aaron Seward, Monica Cavazos, Elizabeth Hackler, Sophie Aliece Hollis

Boxoffice Pro (Bronze)

Intermission: The Impact of Covid-19 on the Cinema Industry

Julien Marcel, Daniel Loria, Rebecca Pahle, Laura Silver, She Was Only, Susan Uhrlass

Honorable Mentions

Summit Journal (4)

Summer 2020 Issue


Community College Journal (5)

Leading in a Crisis

American Association of Community Colleges

Police Journal (6)

April 2020 issue

Brett Williams, Sam Kleidon, Steve McCawley

The Director (7)

June 2020 Issue

Brooke E Krishok

Surface Coatings International (8)

Volume 103.5 September – October 2020

Brenda Peters, Richard Kennedy, Ann-Marie Etherington, OCCA Publications Team, The Printplus Group

Baking Business (9)

April/May 2020


The Register (10)

Vol. 22 No. 3, Summer 2020

Peggy Sweeney, Laura Romanese, Fresh Art & Design

the Verdict (11)

Issue 167 – Anniversary Edition

Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia

Senior Living Executive (12)

Issue 4 2020 July/Aug

Jessica McKay, Rose Thai, Sara Wildberger

School Administrator magazine (13)

June 2020 issue

Jay P. Goldman, Liz Griffin and Jacqueline Hyman

Illinois Municipal Review (14)

June 2020 issue

Brad Cole, Editor in Chief, Rebecca Turner, Managing Editor

PRSA (15)

July/August 2020 issue on Health & Wellness John Elsasser, Amy Jacques VIEW ISSUE

The Foreign Service Journal (16)

November 2020 FSJ

Independent Agent Magazine (17)

December 2020 issue

Will Jones

The Champion® Magazine (18)

May 2020

Norman L. Reimer, Quintin M. Chatman, Catherine Zlomek, Julian Giles, Arielle Yair

Your Workplace (19)

Champions: Your Best Resources Are Human

Vera Asanin, Joel Kranc, Anthony Aird, Wade Guyitt

Pizza Today (20)

October 2020

Jeremy White, Denise Greer, Josh Keown, Katie Wilson

NZ Plumber (21)

August-September 2020 issue

Greg Wallace, Beverly Sellers, ICG, Alton Anamani


2020 Issue #2

John O’Brien, Caleb Fox

Floor Covering Weekly (23)

April 13, 2020 Issue — Crisis Management: Obstacles and optimism in the unknown

Professionally Speaking (24)

December 2020 issue

Kristin Doucet, managing editor, Melissa Campeau, senior editor, Studio 141 (design), Bill Powell, editor in chief, Richard Lewko, publisher

CIO (25)

CIO Winter 2020 issue: Gender gapped

Amy Bennett, Jason Snyder, Terri Haas, Beth Stackpole