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Feature Article: Top 25 Entries

1. (Gold Winner)

The One-and-Done Dilemma
Rachel Stark-Mason


Judging comments:
“This well-written, fact-driven feature manages to blend the human side with the numbers game. The writing is crisp and focused with facts interwoven into a very hot topic issue.


2. (Silver Winner)

EMS World
Waiting for the Epiphany: Sexual Harassment in the Emergency Services
John Erich


Judging comments:
This was an important story to tell for women in the workplace (and I couldn’t help but note the author was male so kudos for researching this topic). The sensitive subjects of inequality and sexual abuse was addressed respectfully and in a manner that all readers could learn from.

The feature was well-written and tackled an issue that is in the forefront of today's reality. The sidebar expanded the article and added to the depth.


3. (Bronze Winner)

California Schools Magazine
The Price of Inequality
Troy Flint


Judging comments:
“Although the feature has a lot of numbers, it was very easy to read and follow. The writing led the reader through the numbers maze very effectively. The graphics backed up the data.


4. Police Journal
Torture and violence on another level (February 2018)
Brett Williams



5. CIM Magazine
Crisis Mode
Cecilia Keating, Tom DiNardo, Dawn Fraser, Ryan Bergen



Life On The New Frontier: How Internet Sales Are Changing the Landscape of Jewelry Retail
Eileen McClelland



7. PETS+
The Super 8
Pamela Mitchell



8. E&T
Good Bad Ugly News December 2018
Paul Dempsey



9. Golf Course Industry
Bond of Brothers
Guy Cipriano



10. AATCC Review
Is Retail Broken?
Craig Crawford



11. World Highways
Denmark Bridge
David Arminas



12. ACAMS Today
Organ Trafficking: The Unseen Form of Human Trafficking
Karla Monterrosa-Yancey, Stephanie Trejos



13. PPB
At The Top Of Their Game
Tina Berres Filipski



Rick & Morty’s Excellent Adventure
Lee Knight, Travis Stanton, Kelly Tedrick, Brian Dukerschein, Charles Pappas



15. National Real Estate Investor
Something to Talk About, May 2018 issue
Elaine Misonzhnik, David Bodamer, Kathy McGilvery, Benedetto Cristofani



16. Water & Wastes Digest
Delaying Day Zero
Bob Crossen, Jason Kenny



17. Civil Engineering
Room to Grow
Catherine A. Cardno, Ph.D.



18. Education Canada
Digital Civics
Erica Hodgin, Carrie James, Sangita Shresthova



19. MOTOR Magazine
Protect Your Shop From Cyberthreats
Bob Chabot



20. Water Quality Products
Coping in Cape Town
Amy McIntosh, Bill Wilson




21. Pizza Today
Mobile to Mortar
Jeremy White




December 2018 cover story: Diversity and Inclusion
Joel C. Crews



23. Payments Cards & Mobile
Cybercrime: testing times
Alex Rolfe, Joyrene Thomas, Adam Unsworth, Wendy Sanders



24. Pharmacy Practice News
Think Inside the Box
Marie Rosenthal, David Bronstein, Frank Tagarello, Betty Zhong



25. Novogradac Journal of Tax Credits
Solar Steps Forward to Help Puerto Rico Recover, Rebuild
Brad Stanhope




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