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Feature Article: Top 25 Entries

1. (Gold Winner)

Community Banks
Jon Prior


Judging comments:
"Tackles a dry topic and makes it interesting. Many sources, especially those that are small-town people affected by their banks.

"The Future for Community Banks is compelling, interesting and well-written. The tone throughout is captivating and it captures an essence that few writers are able to portray. The lead and the interviews are wonderfully written, and the writer went above and beyond to paint a picture that tells a story and a lesson."



2. (Silver Winner)

Professionally Speaking
In the Line of Fire
Chandler Vandergrift, Joyce Mason, Richard Lewko


Judging comments:
"Very engaging, author was able to create a scene I could picture. I almost felt as if I was there.

"While this feature does tug at the heart strings, it also provides useful information through its quality reporting and insight into a world most people will never see. The feature has an imaginative lead that sets the tone throughout the compelling article."


3. (Bronze Winner)

NCAA Champion magazine
Monster Within
Brian Hendrickson


Judging comments:
"In this feature, the well-chosen artwork highlights what could be a tragic story of a young athlete full of promise with a debilitating disease."

"The feature is written in the perfect tone that is hard for any writer to capture: You admire Kearse without feeling sorry for him. You feel his battle but it seems real and not made for Hollywood." 


4. Automotive News
A Dream Dies
Arlena Sawyers, Staff Reporter; Dave Guilford, Enterprise Editor; Steve Massie, Design Director



5. Law Enforcement Technology
Saving man's best friend from dog's worst enemy
Tabatha Wethal



6. Works Management
A Death In the Factory
Max Gosney



7. EMS World
Dead Tired
John Erich



8. Ubuntu
The Ubuntu Girl
ED: Tracee Harvard; Designer: Aisha Dollie; Art Dir. Brent Meder



9. BizEd
Lives, Not Just Livelihoods
Carolyn Woo, BizEd Magazine



10. PPB (Promotional Products Business)
Industry Snapshot: The Fun Is Back
Richard Alan Nelson, Ph.D. and Rick Ebel



Wings Up!
Trace Shelton



12. ACC Docket
Medical Marijuana in the Workplace
ACC Docket Staff



13. Civil Engineering
Towering Imagination
Robert L. Reid



14. Construction Executive
Conquering New Territory
Jessica Porter



15. Benefits Canada
What to Expect When Your Employee's Expecting
Brooke Smith



16. Skin Inc. magazine
Capturing the Teen/Tween Market
Melinda Taschetta-Millane



Nano's Big Adventure
Exhibitor Media Group



18. AATCC Review
Staying Alive: Making Textiles Sustainable
Maria C. Thiry



19. FUEL
Next Steps for Next-Gen
Louise Poirier



Lighting the Path
Josh Wimmer



21. SC Magazine
Guarding against a data breach survey 2011
Illena Armstrong, VP, editorial director; Dan Kaplan, executive editor; Greg Masters, managing editor; Brian Jackson, art director



22. Pensions & Investments
9/11 Ten Years Later
Christine Williamson, Douglas Appell



23. Proto
Peggy Slasman



24. Physicans Practice
March 2011: Arm Yourself Against Malpractice Suits
Keith L. Martin



When IT Gets to Play
Julia King, April Montgomery, Ellen Fanning




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