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Best Single Issue: Top 25 Issues

1. (Gold Winner)

Singapore Nautilus
4Q 2011 No. 17
SPH Magazines Pte Ltd, Custom Publishing


 Judging comments:
Singapore Nautilus is not what you’d expect from a maritime magazine. Its look is crisp, fresh and engaging to the reader. Its articles are deep and thought-provoking and are highly useful and targeted to its audience. From cover to cover, Singapore Nautilus is a treasure to read and look at."

"The issue uses a single graphic concept to convey a heavy subject matter in a very readable, interesting way. Articles are informative and useful to the reader. The cover itself makes the issue stand out."


2. (Silver Winner)

Spring 2011 Issue
Peggy Slasman


Judging comments:
"Proto is elegantly designed but packed full of relevant and important information for the medical community. Its articles are engaging and well-written, and the artwork that highlights them is appropriately breathtaking and imaginative."

"Very impressive, the articles cover a range to interest all the magazine's audiences. It is friendly but informative, with approachable, easy reading. Graphics include photos and art nicely interspersed to help tell the stories."


3. (Bronze Winner)

Mortgage Professional Australia (MPA)
Issue 11.7
Key Media Pty Ltd


 Judging comments:
MPA is a well-designed and thoughtful read that captures the heart of the mortgage professional industry in Australia. Its articles are targeted and presented in a fashion that makes them easy to read and follow."



4. Pizza Today
The STYLE Issue
Jeremy White, Mandy Wolf Detwiler, Rick Daugherty, Josh Keown & Denise Greer



5. Leadership
Desmond Tutu
Editor: Robbie Stammers / Art Director: Brent Meder



6. NCAA Champion magazine
Spring 2011 Issue
Gary Brown, Michelle Brutlag Hosick, Greg Johnson, David Pickle, Arnel Reynon



May 2011
Victor Cantal



8. Benefits Canada
Raising the Bar (December 2011)
Alyssa Hodder, Brooke Smith, Neil Faba, Elaine Borg, Tammy Burns



9. Payments Cards and Mobile
November/December 2011
Payments Cards and Mobile



10. Australian Broker
Issue 8.15
Key Media Pty Ltd



11. ACC Docket
May 2011 Issue
ACC Docket Staff



12. GPN (Greenhouse Product News)
July 2011 Issue
Tim Hodson, Jasmina Radjevic, Pete Mihalek & Kelsey Hiebert



13. Pulse
Richard Hoey, Steve Nowottny, Adam Legge, Nigel Praities



14. Wood Design & Building
Spring 2011 - Number 54
Bernadette Johnson, Theresa Rogers, Sharon MacIntosh, Etienne Lalonde



15. Works Management
WM Healthy Safety Special
Max Gosney, Laura Cork



16. Water Environment & Technology
May 2011 Issue
Melissa Jackson, Steve Spicer, LaShell Stratton-Childers, and Jennifer Fulcher



17. Medical Economics
April 25, 2011, Issue
Editorial Staff of Medical Economics



18. Training Industry Quarterly
Winter 2012: Informal Learning
Ken Taylor, Tim Sosbe & Michelle Eggleston



19. Automotive News
March 21 Issue
Editorial Staff



20. BBQ (Black Business Quarterly)
Third Quarter 2011 Issue
ED; David Mwanambuyu; Designer: Tariq Cassiem; Art Dir: Brent Meder



21. Floor Covering Weekly
The Green Issue 2011
Floor Covering Weekly Staff



22. EDUCAUSE Review
March/April 2011 Issue
D. Teddy Diggs



23. Learning By Design
Stratton Publishing & Marketing Inc.



24. Human Capital (HC)
Issue 9.10
Key Media Pty Ltd



25. CIM Magazine
Quebec's Plan Nord
Angela Hamlyn, Ryan Bergen, Andrea Nichiporuk, Joan Tomiuk, Peter Braul




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