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Feature Article: Top 25 Entries

1. (Gold Winner)

Chemist + Druggist
Swine Flu: the worst case scenario
Chris Chapman, David Farram


Judging comments:
"Chris Chapman has done a brilliant job in running wild and off the grid to weave a tale about a problem very relevant to his industry: the swine flu. Instead of just quoting facts and figures, Chapman imagines what could happen in the UK if a full-blown pandemic occurred. Chapman is talented enough to make the situation real and relatable.



2. (Silver Winner)

Engineering and Technology
We Have the Technology
Chris Titley, Dickon Rose


Judging comments:
"We have the technology goes above and beyond the standard feature to highlight a topic that could have been dry, boring and barely read. Instead, Chris Titley takes an imaginative approach that captures the reader’s imagination and interest. The graphics are useful and engaging as well. The feature is attractive, easy to read and an appropriate length. Overall, brilliant.


3. (Bronze Winner)

LP Gas Magazine
Farewill, 'King'
Brian Richesson


Judging comments:
"A serious, professional look at a light-hearted subject. Nicely portrays the industry's relationship with and the evolution of the show


4. NCAA Champion Magazine
Not the Same Game
Gary Brown



5. Architect
Trust Me, I'm a (Fake) Architect
Amanda Kolson Hurley, Ned Cramer, Aubrey Altmann, John Scappini, PJ Loughran



6. Industrial Fire World
Wrong Pasadena: 20th Anniversary of Epic Texas Plant Explosion
David White



7. Indesign
Five Senses, One Brand
Josh Wimmer, Trace Shelton



8. 1 to 1 Magazine
Measuring the Loyalty of the Social Customer
Jeremy Nedelka



9. Construction Executive
The Professional Side of Social Media
Joanna Masterson



10. Veterinary Forum
Considering Babesia in the Differential
Marie Rosenthal, Executive Editor; Jennifer Barlow, Art Director



11. FMCG
Brand designers: a new breed
Pauline Herbst



12. Benefits Canada
Worn Out
Brooke Smith, Associate Editor



13. Exhibitor Magazine
What's That Smell?
Lee Knight, Travis Stanton, Heidi Howe, Charles Pappas, Exhibitor Media Group



14. Automotive News
Buffalo Buyouts
Amy Wilson, Charles Child, Susan Zavela Bamford, Greg Skwira



15. AATCC Review
Everything Old is New Again
Maria C. Thiry



16. Civil Engineering
Under One Green Roof
Robert L. Reid



What Google Knows About You
Robert L. Mitchell, Kathleen Melymuka, April Montgomery



18. Commercial Investment Real Estate
Rich Rosfelder



19. Forum Magazine
Real Life
Craig Harris, Kirstin Doucet



20. Genome Technology
Is Peer Review Broken?
Meredith Salisbury



21. Bridge Design & Engineering
Big Bay Build
Helena Russell



22. Law Enforcement Technology
The brain's hidden agenda
Sara J. Schreiber



23. Construction World
Construction World Affordable Housing
Construction World, ASAPP Media PVT. LTD., Pratap Vijay Padode



24. TravelAge West
The Conversation Era
Monica Poling



25. SIGNAL Magazine
Good Defenses Make Good Neighbors
Rita Boland




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