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Best Single Issue: Top 25 Issues

1. (Gold Winner)

Leadership 300th Edition
Robbie Stammers, Brent Meder, Zaid Kriel, Royston Lamond, Tania Griffith


 Judging comments:
"Leadership’s overall quality is exemplary. From a design standpoint, the layout is cohesive and appealing. The magazine flows effortlessly from one article to another. The writing is top notch, and it is easy to see how it is immediately useful to its target audience. The reporting is balanced and evolves from a wide range of writers who are knowledgeable in their subject matter. The columns and viewpoints are engaging and relevant to the magazine’s audience. Overall, the magazine is a delight for the eyes and the mind, which are qualities not often found in the same publication."

"A slick, well-laid-out magazine that features the leaders of South Africa from many different walks of life. It's an eye-candy magazine, but the articles do offer blunt, honest opinions from that country's leaders on a variety of subjects."


2. (Silver Winner)

May/June 2009 Issue
David Squires, Trace Shelton, Beth Bernstein


Judging comments:
"InDesign magazine looks, feels and reads with the high quality expected from the audience it is directed toward: fine jewelry design. The design and layout is sharp and clean while still presenting weighty material. The 50 Most Visible Jewelry Brands article is well-written and avoids many of the clichéd traps that “listing articles” can cultivate. Everything about the magazine feels in place and in the correct tone – from the layout to the writing to the fonts chosen."


3. (Bronze Winner)

April 2009 Issue
Architect Staff


 Judging comments:
"I have loved this magazine from its inception. It's articles are clean, easy-to-read, well-reported and interesting. In addition, the graphics support the text without dominating it. Good job."


4. Engineering and Technology
Audio Special
Dickon Ross



Katelyn Wyszynski, Jason King



6. Buildings
April 2009 Issue
Leah Garris, Jana Madsen, Jenna Aker, Elisa Geneser, Scott Easton



7. The Conference Board Review
Matthew Budman



8. Construction World
Construction World Annual 2009
Construction World, ASAPP Media PVT. LTD., Pratap Vijay Padode



D. Teddy Diggs



10. Exhibitor Magazine
Exhibitor Media Group



11. CGA Magazine
September-October 2009 Issue
Barbara Cameron, Peggy Homan, Lily Claydon, Gavin Carroll, Doris Hollett



12. Professionally Speaking
Gold Metal Learning, December 2009
Philip Carter, Joyce Mason, Leata Lekushoff, RadonicRodgers Communications Inc.



13. Payments Cards and Mobile
Mobile Banking, September/October 2009
Payments Cards and Mobile



14. BizEd Magazine
May/June 2009 Issue
Tricia Bisoux, Sharon Shinn, Brenda Lovell, Annette DeLisle, Brandy Whited, Debbie Wiethorn, AACSB International



15. NCAA Champion Magazine
Fall 09 Issue
David Pickle, Gary Brown



16. Western Lifestyle Retailer
Spring 2009 Issue
Jodi Hendrickson, Publisher; Celestia Loeffler, Editor; Western Lifestyle Retailer, Publisher



17. Modern Healthcare
December 7, 2009 Issue
Modern Healthcare Staff



18. ON Magazine
ON Magazine, Number 4, 2009
Gil Press



19. GPSolo Magazine
October/November 2009 "Bumps in the Road IV"
Joan M. Burda, Tamara Nowak, Sandy Rogers, Robert M. Salkin, James Schwartz



20. QSR
The QSR 50



21. PCMA Convene
December 2009 Issue
Deborah Sexton, Michelle Russell, Christopher Durso, Barbara Palmer, Hunter R. Slaton



22. School Planning & Management
The Green Issue
Deb Moore, Jerry Enderle, Christine Reedy, Matt Cole, Mario Ybarbo



23. Bridge Design & Engineering
Bridge Design & Engineering: Issue 56
Helena Russell, Lisa Bentley, Hemming Information Services



24. Floor Covering Weekly
FCW Statistical Report '08
FCW Staff



25. Pizza Today
09.09.09 An Event in Print // September 09 issue
Jeremy White, Mandy Detwiler, Richard Daugherty
, Josh Keown and Pat Cravens




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