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Feature Article: Top 25 Entries

1. (Gold Winner)

Tobacco Reporter
Lonely Leader
Taco Tuinstra


Judging comments:
"Well-written, compelling and there was something special that set it apart from the rest. The feature is told in first-person narrative (which is hard to pull off regardless of the publication), yet the author keeps the proper tone throughout. The facts are presented in an interesting and well-organized manner without bogging down the article or challenging the tone. One of the best features in this style that I have ever read."


2. (Silver Winner)

No Easy Street
Scott Campbell, Timothy Long


Judging comments:
"Instead of a routine 'I had to write a story about Katrina and make it shoehorn into my industry,' the author took a novel approach and attacked the story angle with care. This in-depth look at a specific business in New Orleans that was nearly destroyed by Katrina had a relevant human interest approach that fit the industry (computers) but contained all of the essential elements of a great feature."

"The writing is top-notch. The lead is excellent and paints the mood for the story, and the conclusion returns to the lead in an elegant and insightful manner. This is how disaster reporting should be. Overall, a wonderful example on how to write a feature with compassion and empathy that is entertaining without stooping to melodramatic schlock."

3. (Bronze Winner)

CIO Decisions
Steering Clear of Vendor Bribes
Joan Indiana Rigdon, Tom Kaneshige


Judging comments:
"The author took a tough and touchy subject relevant to the industry and pulled together an interesting and compelling article ... Research was thorough and the author interviewed a good cross-section of CIOs and asked some tough questions. Layout was very clean and photos captured the correct tone ... Amazing lead and good, solid examples from interviewees in the target audience."

 "A topical hot-button subject handled with skill and tact. This article keeps it's focus on it's readers' business needs without shying away from the personal costs of the subject's experience."


4. Instore
What Next?
Fred Mouawad, Dan Kisch, David Squires, Paul Holewa, Trace Shelton



5. IEEE Spectrum
Who Killed the Virtual Case File?
Harry Goldstein



6. EdTech
Living History
Lee Copeland, Jim Silvestri, Susie Sullivan, Eileen Feretic, Lisa Delgado



7. Forensic Magazine
Life in a Disaster Morgue
Douglas Page



8. RT Image
Limited by Body Habitus
Jeremy Kuhar



9. ABA Journal
Foreign Fight
John Gibeaut



10. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
FDA's Pharmaceutical Inspectorate
Agnes Shanley, Paul Thomas, Stephen Herner



11. Skin Inc. Magazine
Spa Cuisine
Kate Hamilton



12. Pensions & Investments
The Looming Retirement Disaster
Gregory Crawford, Nancy K. Webman, Michael J. Clowes



13. Realtor Magazine
Ready for Seconds
Mariwyn Evans, Senior Editor; Barbara Ballinger, Writer



14. EdTech
Foiling Student Hackers
Lee Copeland, Jim Silvestri, Susie Sullivan, Eileen Feretic, Lisa Delgado



15. OPC Register
Bullies and Babies
Molly Hopkins, Editor; Tammy Hunter, Art Director; Melanie Gordon, Photography; Mary Gordon, Author



16. Modern Healthcare
Quality as Gospel
Mark Taylor



17. NZRetail
Keep taking the medicine
Lynda Gray



18. Glass Magazine
Drapes of glazing
Glass Magazine Staff, Sahely Mukerji



19. Playthings
Customers in the Driver's Seat
Brent Felgner, Maria Weiskott, Miguel Bravo



20. Plumbing Systems & Design
Plumbing Practices on the International Space Station
Winston Huff



21. Legal Business
February 2005 Issue -- Dirty business
Anthony Notaras, Vanessa Pawsey, Richard Lloyd, James Baxter, Tom Freeman



22. Nickle's New Technology Magazine
Arctic Thaw
Maurice Smith



23. Publishers Weekly
Reads Well With Others
Bill Goldstein, Karen Holt



24. Computerworld
Lost, Stolen or Strayed
Gary H. Anthes, Kathleen Melymuka, Julie Quinn



25. Museum News
Marketing the King
Julia Beizer, Susan Breitkopf, Amanda Litvinov, Susan V. Levine



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