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Feature Article: Top 25 Entries

1. (Gold Winner)

Anatomy of a Fraud
Scott Berinato, Derek Slater, Steve Traynor, Emily Henderson, Carol Zarrow


Judging comments:
"The reporting is top notch, the writing is compelling, the graphics are appropriately somber, and the layout quietly supports the text. The lead pulls the reader in and characters and the soap opera quality of the tale keeps him there. The fraud facts reported along the way gives readers useful information on what they can do to detect and respond in such situations. An excellent piece of work."


2. (Silver Winner)

NZ Retail
What's Your Feeling?
Beverley Sellers


3. (Bronze Winner)

Toxic Legacy
Robert L. Mitchell, Tommy Peterson, Stephanie Faucher


4. Security Management
Working in a War Zone
Marta Roberts



5. PC World Magazine
Biography of a Worm
Grace Aquino, Andrew Brandt, Edward N. Albro, Anush Yegyazarian, Sally Zahner



6. Tobacco Reporter
The Distribution Trail
Taco Tuinstra



7. Network World
Phear of Phishing
Neal Weinberg, Deborah Radcliff



8. Oracle Magazine
Southwest's Strategy for Success
Jeff Spicer, Tom Haunert, Leslie Steere



9. New Technology Magazine
Remotely Connected
Maurice Smith



10. Paperboard Packaging
Tag You're It
Esther Durkalski, Stephanie Ricca



11. Econtent
DRM to Go: Protecting Mobile Content
Michelle Manafy, Kinley Levack, Renee Fortin, Heather Edwards, Peggy Anne Salz



12. Ward's Autoworld
Straight Eye for the Gay Buyer
Christie Schweinsberg



13. CIO
Mr. Gates Goes to Washington
Ben Worthen, Christopher Koch, Abbie Lundberg, Al Sacco, Terri Haas



14. Information Security
Mission Critical
Lawrence M. Walsh, Amber Plante, Contributors



15. Legal Business
The Global Elite Law Firms
Claire Smith, Tom Freeman



16. Community Banker
A Growing Group With Huge Potential: Serving the Banking Needs of the Budding Asian-American Population
Nancy Feig, Melanie Harwood



17. Fleet Owner
Counterfeit Parts: Buyer Beware
Jim Mele



18. OPC Register
The Student Success Program
Molly Hopkins, Mike Benson, Tammy Hunter, Mag Gardner, Christopher Dew



19. RT Image
Beyond Human
Jeremy Kuhar



20. Construction Executive
The Perfect Storm in the Construction Industry
Jennifer Spillane, Lisa Nardone



21. CMO
Metrics Revolution
Rob O'Regan, Elaine M. Cummings, Constantine von Hoffman, Diann Daniel, Al Sacco



22. Best's Review
Winning the Hispanic Market
Meg Green



23. Baseline
We Did Nothing Wrong
Tom Steinert-Threlkeld, John McCormick, Deborah Gage, Berta Ramona Thayer, Nicole White



24. Storage
Regulations Squeeze Storage
Rich Castagna, Storage Magazine Staff



25. Equipment World
What's best for your job?
Jack Roberts


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